Cronkite Public Relations Lab

The Public Relations Lab is a full-immersion capstone for students studying public relations at the Cronkite School.

Public relations is one of the most popular programs for students pursuing the degree in journalism and mass communication at Cronkite.

The professional program experience puts advanced public relations students to work developing campaigns and strategies in a real-world environment.

Under the guidance of Cronkite Associate Professor Fran Matera, the Public Relations Lab functions like a PR agency, with students serving in roles mirroring those in a professional setting who develop campaigns and strategies for real clients. Students leave with enhanced portfolios and professional experience.

Students may register for three, six or nine credits. The prerequisite is JMC 415 Public Relations Writing.

The lab's services include: strategic communications plans and campaigns; crisis communication; event planning and promotion; image and reputation management; internal and external communication management; and corporate communications.

The agency is headquartered in one of the seven working newsrooms that are part of the Cronkite School’s new building in downtown Phoenix. The other newsrooms are devoted to professional program experiences for students interested in broadcasting, online and print, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Clients for the Public Relations Lab may come from any type of business or nonprofit organization seeking quality, low-cost public relations services.

For more information, contact Associate Professor Fran Matera,

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